URI: http://www.qualityml.org/1.0/metrics/PositivePredictiveValue
Name: Positive Predictive Value
Alternative names: PPV

In statistics and diagnostic testing, the positive predictive value, or precision rate is the proportion of positive test results that are true positives (such as correct diagnoses). It is a critical measure of the performance of a diagnostic method, as it reflects the probability that a positive test reflects the underlying condition being tested for. Its value does however depend on the prevalence of the outcome of interest, which may be unknown for a particular target population. The PPV can be derived using Bayes' theorem.


where FP = false positive, TP = true positive

Parameters: actual categories
Source: GeoViQua
Categories: Thematic accuracy
Further information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensitivity_and_specificity
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	<element name="PositivePredictiveValue" type="qml:ContinuousValuesSummaryStatisticType" substitutionGroup="un:AbstractSummaryStatistic"/>
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Value constraints: categories: any string
counts: any positive natural number